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Cataract Patients VinelandCustomPlus is our highest level option for patients who wish to have the best possible vision over a full range of distances by eliminating or greatly reducing the need for glasses following cataract surgery. Depending on your specific needs, we incorporate a variety of advanced techniques, technologies, and IOL lenses to achieve this goal.

Advanced Astigmatism Correction Techniques

The following techniques can be used to reduce astigmatism.

Limbal Relaxing Incisions: These are tiny incisions made in the peripheral cornea to reduce astigmatism. They work best for small amounts of astigmatism.

LASIK/PRK: These are laser procedures that can be used to correct astigmatism and fine tune vision. We have our own laser suite with Intralase and Visx Excimer lasers.

Wave Tec ORA™: A laser guided intraoperative device that tells us the proper power and orientation of the intraocular lenses we implant.