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IntraLase Bladefree LASIK

IntraLase® is the first all-laser technique for making the corneal flap during step one of LASIK eye surgery. Instead of using the traditional microkeratome blade, the surgeon uses a laser beam to precisely create a micro-thin flap on the cornea of exact diameter, depth, hinge location, and centration. The focused laser pulses divide tissue at the molecular level without transferring heat or impacting the surrounding area. The result is a safe and precise corneal flap. IntraLase can also be used with CustomVue LASIK, thereby offering patients a completely personalized procedure — custom diagnosis with Wavescan mapping, tailored laser flap creation with IntraLase, and custom laser vision correction with the Excimer laser. If you are apprehensive about LASIK, or have been told before that you were not a candidate for LASIK, a customized “all-laser option” may be comforting to you.

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IntraLase “blade free” LASIK is the first LASIK procedure that is 100% laser only. No blades contact the eye during the LASIK procedure leading to a safer, more accurate surgery.

The first step of a LASIK procedure , creation of a corneal flap, has traditionally been performed using a sharp bladed instrument termed a microkeratome. The microkeratome is a metal blade that travels across the eye to cut a corneal flap. But now, with the revolutionary IntraLase FS Laser System, the corneal flap is created using a laser rather than a metal blade creating an entirely blade-free procedure.

With IntraLase, the laser passes through the cornea and creates small bubbles at a preprogrammed depth without applying friction to the front layer of the eye, resulting in a much more comfortable approach for the patient. Because there is no blade variability with IntraLase, there is little to no risk of flap irregularities. The all-laser approach allows the surgeon to design the flap of uniform thickness at a pre-programmed depth set specifically to your eyes. With IntraLase, the curvature of the cornea is followed and it will produce a flap that is easier to manage for the surgeon and more safe for your eye. The IntraLase flap bonds more securely, resulting in a flap that heals faster, stronger, and more resistant to injury.

People with thin corneas were not suitable candidates for microkeratome LASIK, but with IntraLase blade-free LASIK, they are now eligible. Since the laser created flap of IntraLase is extremely concise and consistent, surgeons now can operate on people with thinner corneas. Due to the increased accuracy in corneal flap creation, clinical trials show that more patients get to 20/20 and beyond with IntraLase than with microkeratome LASIK.

IntraLase is the most sophisticated and accurate technology for corneal flap creation available today and has given many patients greater confidence and assurance in choosing laser vision correction . Dr. Tyson is proud to offer the most technologically advanced IntraLase LASIK to our patients!

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