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What Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is an acronym for laser in-situ keratomileusis.

In simple terms it’s an effective version of laser eye surgery which has stood the test of time.

It has been performed by doctors across the globe on patients who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism.

But how does it work?

Well, the surgeon in question reshapes the cornea so light can be better reflected on the back of the eye.

Remarkably this helps some patients receive 20/20 vision, but at the very least guarantees driving standard vision without the need for glasses!

This is an amazing prospect for those who have relied heavily on glasses for their entire life.

LASIK surgery has been transforming the lives of millions since it was introduced 20 years ago.

Technology has improved dramatically since then, enabling a procedure patients can embrace with confidence.

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LASIK Surgery Testimonial from another LASIK Surgeon

Even other LASIK Surgeons Go To SJ Eye Associates!


One week after my surgery my vision was 20/15 in both eyes! As a Wills Eye trained surgeon, I have watched many other surgeons but Dr. Tyson is one of the best surgeons by far. He also has a great bedside manner with his patients. I need perfect vision and that is what Dr. Tyson provided for me…

I would strongly recommend Dr. Tyson to anyone considering LASIK. 

Brian Sucheski, MD. LASIK Surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital

You’re One Step Closer To Better Vision!

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LASIK Surgery in Simple English – By Dr. Tyson – The leading LASIK Expert in the Washington Township Area.

Common LASIK Surgery Questions


How Safe is LASIK Eye Surgery?

It is a lot safer than many would assume.
The concept of reshaping the cornea is a scary one, but procedures have advanced far beyond the point of serious risk.

LASIK eye surgery has an incredibly high success rate, emerging as one of the most popular corrective eye procedures on the planet.

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?

If you’ve been put off by the idea of LASIK surgery, you’ll be reassured to know it’s a painless experience.
You’ll be administered anesthetic eye drops prior to the procedure, which will numb the area sufficiently.

If you’re under the impression LASIK eye surgery is painful, nothing could be further from the truth.

The most pain you’ll experience is some mild discomfort in the aftermath of surgery.

What Can You Expect in the Wake of Laser Eye Surgery?

You’re close to guaranteed improved vision, and in many cases will achieve 20/20 vision or something close to it.
An exciting prospect for those who are impeded by wearing glasses/contact lenses all the time!

How Experienced Are the Washington Township LASIK Surgery Doctors?

There are some highly experienced, skilled refractive surgeons in the Washington Township area. Fortunately many of them work for Eyes Associates and have completed countless successful surgeries throughout their time.
This provides confidence for patients who take a leap of faith, a leap which is significantly shorter given the trustworthy nature of our doctors.

How Many LASIK Eye Surgeons are there in Washington Township?

There are many LASIK Eye Doctors in the Washington Township area, but Dr. Tyson at Eye Associates is held in the highest regard. Many other eye doctors use Dr. Tyson for their own eye health. Please read why here.

Questions About The Cost of LASIK Surgery

  • Is LASIK covered by my insurance?
  • Is there financing available?
  • How much does the surgery cost?
  • Can I get an estimate for LASIK surgery?

Questions About The LASIK Procedure

  • Does LASIK surgery hurt?
  • How safe is LASIK surgery?
  • Does LASIK Surgery improve vision?
  • Are there any videos of the surgery?

It is critical to select the most qualified LASIK surgeon available in Washington Township, NJ.

Questions About Finding an Eye Doctor Who Does LASIK


Call to Speak with a LASIK Expert and get answers to all your questions!


Questions to ask yourself before selecting a LASIK center near Washington Township, NJ.

Choosing a LASIK Center that suits your needs is one thing, but what’s most important is that you carefully consider whether LASIK Surgery is worthwhile given your current situation.

Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?

It all depends on your priorities. If you’re overcome by having to wear contact lenses/glasses every waking minute, LASIK surgery could dramatically improve your quality of life.

It can work leaps and bounds for your confidence, but most importantly dramatically improve your ability to see properly.

If you’re both healthy enough (following an eye examination) and the prospect of achieving 20/20 vision or better is appealing, you’re probably the ideal candidate for laser surgery.


Preparing for LASIK Surgery

– Book an eye appointment for a thorough eye analysis
– Inform your Doctor about your medical history and await further approval
– If you’re given the all clear you should prepare for surgery accordingly
– Remove contact lenses a week before surgery
– Avoid wearing creams, makeup and lotions during the build up
– Organize someone to take you to and from the clinic
– Avoid eye make up in the run up to the procedure
– Wear something comfortable on the day
– Be calm and embrace the surgery
– In the aftermath rest your eyes suitably, avoiding television, radio and mobile

Common Terms You Might Hear When Researching LASIK Surgery

There’s no pressure to learn these terms, in fact they won’t directly add value to your experience. It might however bring peace of mind if you know some of the more technical language which will be used both before and after your surgery. Reassurance is everything before a procedure of this nature.


ASLA (Advanced Surface Laser Ablation) 


Epithelial layer






PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy)

LASIK – ‘laser in-situ keratomileusis’




Laser Eye Surgery Procedures Offered for Washington Township Patients


The first in its kind, PRK was a revolutionary eye surgery at its inception. Though technology has advanced since, PRK is still used to this day.

It does take patients longer to recover, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.

PRK relies on completely removing a thin layer on the outer surface of the cornea.

This differs from LASIK which involves creating a flap instead.

When a thin layer is removed from the cornea it naturally repairs itself over time.

All-Laser LASIK

This method doesn’t rely on a blade at all.
Surgeons use a laser to create a thin flap, utilizing a method not dissimilar from the IntraLase method.

What’s great about bladeless is there’s even less risk involved.

IntraLase Blade-Free LASIK Surgery

This was the first bladeless method to receive FDA approval.
It was introduced in 1999 and later acquired by Advanced Medical Optics (AMO).

IntraLase is now marketed as iLASIK with the CustomVue excimer laser platform.

Doctors can tailor the flap created based on the patient’s needs, capitalizing on a customized approach which more efficiently attends to individual needs.

Bladeless corrective surgery is proven to improve the chances of achieving 20/20 vision.

iDESIGN Wavescan System

The first refractive studio topo-integrated with wavefront-guided technology.
Doctors can personalize treatment based on individual needs and requirements. This results in a better diagnosis and improved workflow.

The quality of treatment improves dramatically because better measurements can be made.

Wavefront analysis is used to map the entire optical pathway, while the entire surface of the cornea is mapped with corneal topography.

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