What to Expect the Day of LASIK

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What to Expect the Day of LASIKPrior to the procedure, a nurse will prep your eye by putting a numbing drop, antibiotic drops, and a steroid drop in your eye.

Once the laser has been properly calibrated, Dr. Tyson will place an eyelid holder in your eye to keep it open throughout the procedure. Dr. Tyson then uses the laser to create a corneal flap. A cool laser beam of light from the Excimer laser is then used to precisely and gently reshape the cornea.

When Dr. Tyson is finished, the flap is carefully put back into place, and after two to three minutes, the eyelid holder is removed.

After your procedure is completed, you will relax in the recovery room for about ten to fifteen minutes. Dr. Tyson will check your eyes at the slit lamp to make sure the flap is in good position before you leave the center. You are given protective eye shields to place over your eyes to prevent you from rubbing your eyes while sleeping during the first week, and sunglasses to reduce the discomfort that sunlight may cause. During this early postoperative period, it is important to not squeeze or rub the eyes. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops are used to prevent infection and decrease inflammation.

After leaving the center, it is recommended that patients keep their eye closed the day of surgery. Later that evening, most patients will see a noticeable improvement in their vision. Many patients go back to work the next day, while others wait a few days.

Dr. Tyson will see you for a postoperative check the first day after surgery. There are a few restrictions for a week or so following your procedure, but as long as you follow your doctor's instructions, you should be free to resume all of your normal activities thereafter. Steroid and antibiotic drops are taken for the first five days after surgery.